Where to Get Disposable Camera Developed in NYC

get disposable camera developed nyc

There are several options for getting your disposable camera developed in NYC. These include Walgreens, CVS Photo, Eliz Digital, and Dwayne’s Photo. The prices at these locations are comparable to those at other Manhattan film labs. If you need to get a disposable camera developed in NYC, these places will do the job and give you digital copies as well.


If you want to get your disposable camera developed and printed, visit a Walgreens photo lab branch. You can get your film processed, print glossy prints, or convert negatives into digital copies for $3.99 each. Walgreens also offers several photo printing services for 35mm and 110 films.

Walgreens photo labs are open during regular store hours and 24 hours a day to process your film and photos. Depending on the type of film and the turnaround time, you can expect to wait from two to three business days before your developed pictures arrive. Besides printing photos, Walgreens photo labs also offer photo CDs with developed images.

CVS Photo

CVS Photo is an excellent place to develop your disposable cameras. This company uses state-of-the-art photo printers and uses high-quality photo paper to produce quality prints. Disposable cameras are an affordable, convenient way to capture your memories. Most disposable cameras are easy to use and develop, as long as you hand them over to an experienced professional. They offer a wide variety of services, including matte or glossy finish, borders, and the size you want.

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CVS Photo processes all types of film, including disposable cameras. They also process 35mm film, Advanced Photo System film, black-and-white film, slide film, and old negatives. The processing time for disposable cameras is seven to ten days, and 35mm film usually takes three weeks. The company also offers photo-sharing and gift-card services.

Eliz Digital

Eliz Digital is a film developing lab in New York City that specializes in developing disposable cameras. They are a cash-only business in Chinatown and charge comparable prices to other Manhattan film labs. They also offer digital copies of your film. If you’re looking for a quick, affordable way to develop your disposable camera in NYC, Eliz Digital is the place for you.

Dwayne’s Photo

Dwayne’s Photo is a trusted name in the photo industry, and offers many photo services. They offer film services, digital photo printing, die-cut wallets, and canvas. They also process certain types of movie film. The company has been around since 1956 and processes all types of film and can provide a variety of photo services.

The prices for developing a disposable color film camera are $14. Additional rolls of film cost an extra $5. Black & white film costs $15. For a high-resolution scan of your film, pay an additional $8.

Color Resource Center

In the city, disposable camera users can visit the Color Resource Center for film development and photo processing. The labs use the latest technology to develop digital and film photos. Photographer Zach Mayo has been a featured photographer at the center. The center offers both free and discounted services. A portion of the proceeds from film sales is donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

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Color Resource Center is located in midtown Manhattan and processes 35mm, 120 color and black and white film. They also process E-6 slide film and offer darkroom printing and high-resolution scans. They also offer large format processing, if you need to develop film in a large format.


If you are in New York City and you are looking to develop film for your disposable cameras, you have many options. There are several film labs in the city, but it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one for your photos. You want to make sure the team printing your pictures shares your passion for photography. Willoughby’s offers the best film development and photo printing services in the city.

The Chelsea Camera Store is 35 years old and offers endless rows of products, including different styles of cameras and lenses. The store is the largest non-chain photo-and-video store in the U.S.

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