The Best Laptop For Multiple Monitors

best laptop for multiple monitors

If you need to use multiple monitors for your work, then it is important to buy a laptop that supports multiple monitors. Laptops with large monitors can cost more than smaller ones. Other factors that determine a laptop’s performance are the storage capacity, processor, and memory speed. Having multiple monitors can help you complete your tasks with ease. Read on to discover the best laptop for multiple monitors. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a laptop with multiple monitors.

Leno E590 ThinkPad

If you plan to use multiple monitors for working, then a laptop such as the Lenovo Leno E590 is the perfect choice. Its Type-C and HDMI ports make it a good choice. While the Lenovo Leno E590 isn’t great for gaming, it is more than adequate for office and design work. The E590 is capable of running many applications at once and features an 8GB hard disk.

This laptop comes with a dual-band wireless-G connection and an 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor. It also has a 256-GB NVMe PCIe SSD. Its other features include an HDMI port and a Thunderbolt 3 port. The E590 is also ideal for people who want to use two monitors for work and a single display for playback.

HP Pavilion 15

You can connect more than one monitor to the HP Pavilion 15 laptop. If you’ve got more than one monitor, you may want to use the HDMI, VGA, or DisplayPort ports. To connect two monitors, you can use a USB Display Adapter. To do this, power on your laptop and log on to Windows. Select “Display” from the Start menu. Select “Extend to second monitor.” Now, drag and drop windows and icons from the laptop screen to the external monitor.

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If you’re looking for an ultraportable laptop, the HP Pavilion Aero 13 is a good option. This 13-inch laptop features an AMD Ryzen 5000U processor and weighs just over a kilogram. Its magnesium alloy design and lightweight build gives it the appearance of a modern ultrabook, without sacrificing looks. It feels as good as the Envy series. You can use an external monitor with the HP Pavilion 15 laptop for multiple monitors.

MSI GL75 Leopard

If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle multiple monitors, then you should consider the MSI GL75 Leopard. This 17-inch laptop offers a fast processor and a better graphics card than the Gateway Creator Series 15-inch model. This laptop also has a larger screen with FHD resolution and is thinner and more compact than its predecessor. It also has plenty of storage space, with a 1TB hard drive and a DVD burner.

The MSI GL75’s keyboard is averagely spaced, with a dedicated number pad on the right side. It has a decent HD camera, but it is not designed for groupies. Videos take on a grainy, blurry appearance. The GL75’s lid has a matte black finish, and the MSI logo is centered in the middle. The unit has two USB Type-A ports and a power socket on the left side.


The MSI GL75 laptop for multiple monitor usage has a 17.3-inch display that is edge-to-edge on all sides for a wider viewing area. It also comes with a HD camera, though the video quality isn’t as good as 4K displays. The camera also produces a grainy image that isn’t ideal for group selfies. The lid is matte black with a black MSI logo in the center. It feels solid and stable, with minimal flex in the lid and bottom bezel.

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The CPU in the MSI GL75 is capable of delivering great performance, even in the multi-monitor mode. It is equipped with two dedicated graphics cards, a GeForce RTX 2070 and a Radeon X2060. The laptop is powered by a 6-cell, 51-Whr battery, and it outperformed its competition on most benchmarks. While the battery does not last all day, it can easily handle the tasks you throw at it.

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