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Radio Kiskeya is a radio station that broadcasts live online from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This site offers various information and news from the country. It also allows visitors to listen to different music genres and artists.

Informations en direct depuis Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, is one of the largest centers of economy in the country. However, since the civil unrest that swept the country in 2010, tourism has gone down. Its inhabitants are mostly in the informal sector, which includes cooking, shelling peanuts, and selling handicrafts.

In January 2010, an earthquake hit the city. Many buildings, including the cathedral, were destroyed. Several ministerial and seaport buildings were also damaged.

The government estimates that about a third of the city will have to be rebuilt. Many people are working to rebuild the city, but many others are homeless or in refugee camps.

Radio stations in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, broadcast a wide variety of news, views, and entertainment. They also encourage listeners to participate in programmes.

In the days following the earthquake, radio stations gave voice to those who survived the disaster. Thousands of lives were saved thanks to the broadcast of information.

Since the earthquake, hundreds of thousands of survivors have become part of the reconstruction process. Some of these survivors are presenters at radio stations. One station in particular, Radio Caraibe, has made a big contribution to the recovery effort. Presenters broadcast from a makeshift studio outside of the wrecked headquarters. Their stories relay vital aid information to the survivors.

There are dozens of other radio stations operating in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Many of these were damaged or destroyed by the collapse of their infrastructure.


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