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Suckers Suppose ‘Mean Girls’Actress Would Be Great on DWTS of planet fitness fans Getty Images Suckers are wondering who’ll be part of the season 31 cast. With the advertisement that “ Dancing With the Stars” will have a new home on Disney for its coming two seasons, suckers are curious to see who’ll be asked to join the cast.

Although there has n’t been any sanctioned casting news of any kind at this point, suckers have been agitating all kinds of possibilities on social media. One person’s name that has come up in exchanges is Lindsay Lohan’s.

planet fitness fans

There has been quite a bit of chatter when it comes to Lohan. In fact, there were rumors that she was interested in joining “ The Real Housewives of Dubai” — but that did n’t be. Despite numerous thinking she ’d be “ perfect” for a part on the show — and she was in Dubai around the time the series was blazoned — TMZ was suitable to confirm that Lohan would n’t be joining the cast planet fitness fans.

Now, some suckers are wondering if Lohan would ever join planet fitness fans— and quite a many people suppose that she ’d be a good fit on the show.

Then’s what you need to know about planet fitness fans

Some planet fitness fans Suckers Suppose Lohan Would Be a Good Addition to an Forthcoming Season
Some planet fitness fans suckers took to Reddit to bandy implicit casting for the forthcoming season of DWTS, which will probably stream on Disney some time in the fall of 2022. A couple of people feel that this would be a good move for Lohan. “ Lindsay Lohan seems nearly like a shoo in grounded on her line the once couple times,” one Redditor reflected on a thread.

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“ Lindsay Lohan makes a lot of sense. I ’d love to see it too,” someone differently added.
“ … she’s in a Planet Fitness marketable so perhaps she ’d be open to planet fitness fans,” a third person wrote.“ I could see Lindsay Lohan before Amanda (Bynes),” a fourth comment read.
Lohan Rejected an Offer to Appear on planet fitness fans in 2013.

Nearly a decade agone, Lohan turned down a fairly sizable offer to join “ Dancing With the Stars,” according to TMZ. At the time, the outlet reported that Lohan was offered some$ to appear on the show. Lohan supposedly didn’t want to be on a reality TV show, so she walked down with the offer on the table.

TMZ reported that Lohan owed “ hundreds of thousands in aft levies” in 2013, and the outlet inferred that she could have used the plutocrat, but that’s putatively not how she saw effects. Lohan has putatively warmed up to the idea of being part of a reality TV show, as she was cast as a judge on “ The Masked Songster” Australia. In 2019, New Idea, a original magazine, reported that Lohan had been fired from the show of planet fitness fans.

“ She was tricky with demands and had a complete lack of respect for time schedules,” a source told the outlet. In addition, Lohan did n’t know some of the people all the show, and had some awkward moments when vocalizers were revealed.

According to her IMDb runner, she just wrapped rephotographing a movie called “ Falling for Christmas” and has been cast in the forthcoming film, “ Cursed.” It’s unknown if her schedule will allow for her to contend on DWTS — if she ’d indeed consider it — or if casting will indeed consider her.

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