How to Use iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

ipad keyboard shortcuts

The iPad is equipped with an excellent auto-correction feature that will ensure that you always get the right word. For example, if you’re using the “Command Key” while typing, the device will automatically replace any incorrect words with the right ones. In addition, you can use the question mark/period/comma key to put double or single quotes. You can also tab and hold the “quote” key for a second to get beginning and ending quotes.


If you want to search for a specific word or phrase, the Command-F ipad keyboard shortcut is a great choice. With iPadOS 15, this feature has been included in the keyboard shortcuts for the iOS operating system. You can also toggle between secondary click and tap to click to select an entire line of text. Similarly, Control-Tab lets you switch between tabs, while Command-F enables you to search for specific words or phrases. The Magic Keyboard is a great option, as it can also be turned on or off by pressing the corresponding key combination.

Command Key

You may have wondered if the Command Key is useful for iPad keyboard shortcuts. The simple answer is yes! The command key has numerous shortcuts that work in almost every application on iPad. These shortcuts allow you to switch between apps with the press of a single key. You can use the Command Key to open the keyboard shortcuts menu anywhere in iOS. However, you must make sure that the keyboard shortcuts menu you choose comes with the globe key.

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The new iPad OS includes keyboard shortcuts for many features. For example, the globe + Up arrow opens the App Switcher. The Control + Globe + Left/Right arrows move the tile window left or right in Split View. Similarly, Command-Shift + Left/Right moves the cursor to the previous/next word. You can also use these shortcuts in text entry fields. Shift-Left/Right highlights individual characters in the text entry field.


Using the iPad’s built-in multi-touch trackpad and quick-set magnetic stand, you can turn your tablet into a portable workstation. The stand offers a full row of iPadOS keyboard shortcuts and helps preserve the device’s battery life. Unfortunately, the iPad doesn’t come with a keyboard, so keyboard shortcuts are often not visible on the home screen. To remedy this, consider investing in a keyboard case. Or, use a Bluetooth keyboard.


There are many ways to use the iPad’s Command-E key to perform tasks and navigate through different apps. These shortcuts are useful for switching between apps, opening the app switcher and launching Siri. You can also use them to access Control Center or Notification Center through the keyboard. Multitasking is another common way to switch between different apps. It has been redesigned for iPadOS 15.


The shortcut Command-Q enables you to switch between apps on the iPad. The keyboard has a variety of options for users, including auto-brightness, toggle tap to click, and secondary click. You can also toggle two-finger click, which enables a contextual menu for a selected app. And the Magic Keyboard also has auto-brightness. The shortcut Command-Q will enable you to quickly switch between apps and change the keyboard’s settings.

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Regardless of which model iPad you have, there are many keyboard shortcuts available for it. These include the Cmd key, Option key, and Shift-Left/Right combination. In addition to the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above, the iPad also has an alternate character keypad. This can help you find the correct character on a web page without having to use the mouse. However, not all keys offer alternate characters.

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