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The flight club is a great source for cheap fake shoes. You’ll find that there are many different types of fakes that you can buy. However, it is important to make sure that the items you are buying are authentic. This is because you will want to ensure that you don’t end up with any scams or items that will not fit your needs. In addition, you should also make sure that the prices you are paying are reasonable.

Prices are high

The Flight Club, founded in New York City over fifteen years ago, is the original sneaker consignment store. Their inventory is filled with some of the world’s most coveted footwear brands.

They sell their shoes in their two physical locations in Los Angeles and Miami. In addition to their retail locations, they also have an online presence. For the most part, their merchandise is of good quality. However, there have been several complaints from customers that their products were not authentic.

Moreover, the company’s customer service has been criticized. Some customers have reported that it took a long time for their items to arrive. Others have complained about how long it took to authenticate their shoes.

Additionally, the company charges a 2.9% cash-out fee. This is a fairly high fee, especially for a resale site.

Authenticity is a concern

Flight Club is a shoe store with a few brick and mortar locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. They specialize in selling exclusive sneakers from top brands, like Jordan, Nike, and Adidas. The company also offers pre-owned sneakers, accessories, and apparel.

Although Flight Club is one of the most popular online retailers for rare kicks, there are concerns about authenticity. Some people have alleged that the company sells fake sneakers.

One way to check for fakes is to compare the serial numbers on a pair of sneakers to other sites. Another way is to look for tagged photos. This indicates that a shoe has been verified by a third-party authentication service.

Some websites, such as Flight Club, have a solid track record and a high-quality authentication process. It is important to choose a site that is reputable.

Consignment system

Flight Club is a sneaker consignment store. They offer a huge selection of new and used sneakers. The prices are generally high, and they take a percentage of each sale. Some of their items are limited edition.

They accept shoes by drop-off or shipping. Sellers are charged a $5 fee for each item they sell. After 25 sales, the fee drops to 8.5 percent. If the sneakers are returned, the seller is refunded based on their resale price.

Flight Club has three locations. Their flagship store is located in New York City. It is also available in Los Angeles and Miami. However, their stores are often overcrowded.

This retailer is considered a trustworthy source for buying and selling sneakers. Aside from their collection of rare sneakers, they have a good authentication process.

Return policy

If you are considering buying shoes from Flight Club, make sure you understand the return policy. This way, you won’t end up with a fake pair.

Flight Club is a popular shoe retailer that sells authentic and pre-owned sneakers. They have a number of different brands available, such as Nike, Adidas, and Jordans. The store also has an authentication process in place.

Whether you want to buy a new or a used pair of sneakers, you can do so online at Flight Club. To begin, you will need to set up an account and provide a valid email address. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

In addition, you will have the option to select the Lowest Price or Fastest For You options. These options will have you pay a 6.5% fee to process your order. Typically, your order will ship within four to nine business days.


If you’ve ever searched for a pair of authentic sneakers, you’ve probably come across a website called Flight Club. It’s a store that sells Nike, Adidas, and Jordan sneakers. However, some people have claimed that they got duped into buying fake shoes from Flight Club.

So, are these claims true? And if so, how do you avoid getting ripped off? There are many ways to find a reputable sneaker store, but you should be wary of those that claim to have an impressive collection.

One way to spot fakes is to check the serial number on the shoe. Make sure that it matches the manufacturer’s website. Also, be sure that there are no tears in the box material or discoloration on the soles.

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