Barbados Radio Stations – Listen to Q 100.7 FM on the Internet

Q 100.7 FM has recently opened in Barbados and the community is extremely excited about it. It is a radio station which is focused on the local community and also streaming live on the internet. The new station offers a wide range of music which can cater to all age groups and interests. In addition, there is a strong focus on community outreach and helping the youth of the island. This makes the station a great addition to the Barbados radio stations.

CBC Radio

The CBC Radio 100.7 FM is a radio station that streams live over the internet. It is owned by the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation and has studios in Saint Michael. This radio station has been around for many years and has been performing classic music. There are also many local programs. Some of the ones that are broadcast on the station include the Under the Sandbox Tree, and What’s Your Opinion.

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The CBC Radio is the first wireless radio station in Barbados. This is also the only radio station to play classic music. Previously, this station was known as Sound Sensation 900 AM. In the early 1980s, this station was renamed Voice of Barbados 790 AM. However, in 1963, CBC Radio was the first to play the radio station’s obituary sign-off.

The CBC Radio also has a few sports shows. They also have some hourly news updates. These updates are very useful for the discerning listener.


Q 100.7 FM

Q 100.7 FM is a radio station based out of Barbados. It is a member of the CBC Radio 94.7 FM family. This station focuses on the arts, science, and entertainment. The station is owned by the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation. In addition to its flagship station, the station has several satellite broadcasting locations around the island.

One of the station’s most popular programs is called the “Melodic Music & Sports”. The station is geared towards listeners aged 45 and above. While the station plays music in all genres, it’s main attraction is its coverage of the Barbadian music scene. Among other things, the station airs news and obituary announcements. Moreover, the “Q” in the station’s name stands for quality.

Q 100.7 FM is an online radio station that broadcasts live from Barbados. The station’s website offers its wares to listeners around the world. You can also get a free demo to listen to the station’s music library.

Streaming live on the internet

If you love listening to Barbadian music, then you’ll be thrilled to know that you can watch live streams of your favorite radio station from Barbados on the internet. Here’s how to do it.

First, head over to your favorite internet browser and type in “Q 100.7 FM” into the search bar. This station is owned by Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and airs news, talk and music programs. It also broadcasts obituary announcements. You can listen to Q 100.7 on your laptop or mobile device. After you’ve selected the radio station, you can click the “Install” button in the bottom right corner.

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Next, you’ll need to download the Radio Barbados app. The app can be found in the Google Play store. In order to install it, you’ll first need to accept the terms and conditions and give permissions to your device. Once that’s done, you’ll be ready to go.

Q In The Community

Q In The Community is an open air broadcast programme that is transmitted by Q 100.7 FM in Barbados. Its hosts include Larry Mayer. Each week, the station visits a different community in the island. During this visit, the stations play a range of music and entertainment. Guests may participate in line dancing, dominoes, ballroom dancing, or just “wuking up.”

The radio station aims to provide quality talk and music. Q 100.7 FM airs news, talk shows, and music programs in English. The station’s primary target audience is people aged 45 and older. CBC Radio’s major newscasts are heard every seven days, although some sporting events are also broadcasted. Aside from the regular music program, the station plays music outside of the talk shows.

Quality 100.7 FM, formerly known as Q FM, was launched in 2004. It is owned by the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation. They also operate The One 98.1 FM in Barbados.

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